Scars in the Making

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The thin carved shell sliced her exposed torso for the 12thth– 20thttime? Imani Parker didn’t know. She watched the abalone shell flash in the light from the fire. It struck her bare flesh again and again with precision. Before long, … Continued

Cuba Libre with Ice

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Verita hurried home over wet rocks, past puddles, trying to keep her breath even. The sun struggled, piercing the clouds, turning air to steam. Her breaths labored. The rains were more oppressive this year, or was it just her mood? … Continued


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I was so desperate. I had to do something. What color is desperation? I want to say red, but that is the color I reserve for anger, and well orange? Orange is just too happy. Can’t be purple. That’s my … Continued

The Spider

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Where the Web Leads Yesterday, I sat outside, watching the smoke curl from the cigarette. A short hiatus, away from the phones, the chatter, the work. I wasn’t supposed to be smoking. “I need to quit.” Words uttered by every … Continued

Harmonic Motion

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Home from the funeral, rather, the celebration of life. Kyla stretched over the tub, four-clawed, antique, and turned the brass faucets hard right. The hot and cold, in the end, would even out. This tub, a secondary reason for her … Continued


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Swift feet pounded on pavement. The blue, then red, then blue, and blinding, bright white, lights flashed, closer with each bound. Behind her, she left a gaping hole, her car door hung open, slightly crooked on rusty hinges. Cell phone, … Continued