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I was so desperate. I had to do something. What color is desperation? I want to say red, but that is the color I reserve for anger, and well orange? Orange is just too happy. Can’t be purple. That’s my … Continued

The Spider

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Where the Web Leads Yesterday, I sat outside, watching the smoke curl from the cigarette. A short hiatus, away from the phones, the chatter, the work. I wasn’t supposed to be smoking. “I need to quit.” Words uttered by every … Continued

Harmonic Motion

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Home from the funeral, rather, the celebration of life. Kyla stretched over the tub, four-clawed, antique, and turned the brass faucets hard right. The hot and cold, in the end, would even out. This tub, a secondary reason for her … Continued


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Swift feet pounded on pavement. The blue, then red, then blue, and blinding, bright white, lights flashed, closer with each bound. Behind her, she left a gaping hole, her car door hung open, slightly crooked on rusty hinges. Cell phone, … Continued